Project Plan

Our goal is to provide a consolidated view of world conflict scenarios in the hope of providing higher level vantage point for these conflicts. This higher-level view can allow us to overcome our conflicts.

The stages are simple:

  1. Start with a Clear Mind
    1. Perform Meditation Practices
  2. Gather Resources
    1. Conflicts
    2. Conflict Resolution Organizations
    3. Negotiation Practices
    4. Management Principles
  3. Connect Parties
    1. Encourage dialog between those of conflicting points-of-view
  4. Synthesize Perspectives
    1. Put the conflicting views onto a common map
  5. Promote Analysis
    1. Disseminate the Maps and Analysis through Social Media and Marketing Efforts
  6. Evolve Consciousness
    1. Decision-making is affected; conflict is mitigated
    2. Humanity is Evolved