International Conflict exists at a level right now that threatens the survival of the planet. Quoting this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Winner we are “one tiny tantrum away from World War 3”.

Yet, despite the ominous state we are all in, very few initiatives are actually pursuing the discovery of peaceful means to resolve violent conflict on a global scale, let alone in our backyards.

The sober reality is that the vast majority of us feel either oblivious or helpless with regarding the dire state of the planet. At the same time, we don’t realize that each of us has a critical role to play in ensuring the survival of the planet.


To resolve violent conflict, each one of us needs to feel empowered. Thus, the purpose of Perspective Base is to provide a data-enhanced execution plan that can help each of us feel empowered in resolving violent conflict on the planet.

This is by gathering and analyzing what ties all of us together, leveraging technology, including AI, ML, and sentiment analysis, to their maximum capacity.

We believe the solution, more than anything, lies in our ability to shift our perspective to include others and their unique experiences. Thus our work focuses on evolving our perspective.

Our ultimate aim is to demonstrate that, despite our differences, each human being stands on common ground… and common Truth.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Founder / Perspective Analyst